Lake Palas Waterski Park. Yesterday a dream, now reality.


In Italy, waterskiing was born between the ’40s and ’50s on the Lake of Viverone.

Around the ’80s, André Van de Putte, as a Belgian tourist decided to make the lake of Viverone his home and as a great lover of the sport he joins the waterski Club “Il Porticciolo”, one of the best waterski schools of Viverone.

As the water conditions of Viverone Lake were not always perfect for slalom skiing, in André’s mind slowly starts to grow the desire to find thé perfect waterski spot..

In 2009, André discovers a little water spring lake just a few kilometers from Viverone that is more than perfect to become a ski lake. The dream could come to life..

In 2011, after buying the property, a lot of clean-up operations and digging two island to have the right lenght, the facility become operational. André decides to create the waterski club “Lake Palas” with the help of his two sons Luca and Matteo, both at that time national waterski level athletes.

Today, the oldest son of André, Luca Van de Putte, is running the ski school. André and Matteo are there to help where necessary.

Lake Palas Waterski Park was born


In order to offer to all members the maximum comfort there was built a clubhouse, a veranda, a green area, dressing rooms, a skiers warm up area, a ski gear storage, and many other services.

An old farmhouse from the ’30s “Cascina del Mero“, located on the same property of the waterski lake has been completely renovated to become a wonderful B&B where members and guests can enjoy a relaxing and charming stay.

Since 2011, Lake Palas Waterski Park is a dream coming true and placing itself among the best clubs in Europe or even the world.

The Lake Palas staff.

Lake Palas • Lago di Viverone
Lake Palas, Il Lago