Welcome to season 2023

Welcome to season 2023

Welcome to season 2023 at Lake Palas! As Lake Palas opened it’s doors in 2011, we are very thankful to say that we started season n°13 at Lake Palas this year.

We could not have done it without all our waterski friends, family & members. A big thank you for making it happen!

“The access of the Lake property, the clubhouse, the bar service and the waterski lessons is for members only. Authorized visitors can access the club and join recreational waterski rides.”

All former members and new members in 2023 are obliged:

  • To fill in and sign the 2023-membership request document before having access to bar service or/and waterski lessons.
  • To fill in and sign the privacy document.
  • To send a copy of the mandatory medical certificate BEFORE having access to any waterski lessons organized by the Club.
  • Medical Certification

Who wants to have access as a member to waterski lessons organized by the Club, must present or send by email the appropriate “Medical Certificate” for non-competitive sports eligibility issued by any general doctor, and this at the beginning of the season!

Without this certificate our insurance is not valid and no refund will be recognized to members that will not be allowed to waterski because the certificate is missing.

It’s possible that other clubs or ski schools are not asking the certificate, be however aware that this certificate is mandatory to join any sport activities organized by a ski school or club in Italy.

A regular check of your health condition is moreover always recommended and not unnecessary specially performing waterski activities.

The club offers to visitors without medical certificate access to:

RECRETIONAL WATER SKI RIDE as commercial activity
NOTE: Medical certificate for sport activities will not be mandatory in this situation, as waterski ride it’s considered as simple recreational activity and not as sport activity.

— Reservation methods
Before placing a reservation make sure to know the “Season 2023 MEMBERSHIP RULE BOOK”.
No waterski lessons will be provided to members or visitors without previous reservation.
Reservations will only be accepted by mail ( info@lakepalas.com) or
by whatsapp message ( +393334954440‬)‬.
No phone reservation request will be accepted.

— Lake opening hours
High season (July / August)
Low season (April / May / June / September / October)
The Lake and club are open every day.
The Lake is open only on request, after reservation .

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